Spring Tune-UP Sessions

Dunbar Baseball Families,

Here are a couple of key sessions that you need to note on your calendar. These are some pre-season sessions for both coaches and players to tune-up for the 2011 season. Please attend these if you can.

1). Coaches clinic for Minor B, Minor A and Majors coaches.

Opening Day

This Clinic will be Held at Dunbar Community Centre Room 212 the evening of April 11th. This is an instructional clinic focusing on fundamentals of throwing (pitching) and hitting. Starting at 7:00 pm there will be an 2 hours of instruction with Q&A. The lead instructor will be UBC Head coach Terry McKaig. Handouts will be provided.

2). Division Field Clinics sponsored by UBC Bseball.

There will be three warm-up clinics held on Sunday April 3rd for players in Minor B,  Minor A, and Majors. These sessions will be conducted by UBC Baseball coaches and players at our Majors field Dunbar and 33rd. The Coaches and player instructors  are brought to you courtesy of LASTRAPSBASEBALL Corp . We will go unless we have snow. These will involve fun instruction on fundamentals and multiple stations of play. We are fortunate to have these sponsored by the UBC Baseball program so come out and support this program.


  • 9:30 to 10:50 Minor B only
  • 11:00 to 12:30 Minor A only
  • 12:30 to 2 Majors Only

Please ware baseball appropriate sports equipment and see you there.

Minor A in 2011

MINOR A Division:

There are two subdivisions within Minor A:

  • Junior Division with 9 and 10 year olds
  • Senior Division with 10, 11 and some 12 year olds

Minor A is the first division where batters face players pitching with regulation hard baseballs. The emphasis is on

At least someone should watch the ball

development of baseball skills and team play. For safety reasons, all players applying to Minor A must attend the Minor A evaluations. These evaluations are also used to help balance the teams in this division. Balanced teams take precedence over team mate/friend requests.  At least one season of Minor B is strongly recommended before playing Minor A.  Spaces in Minor A Junior are first offered to 9 and10 year olds (as of April 30, 2011). The Minor A Senior division includes 10, 11 and some 12 year olds with the 10 year olds having Minor A experience.

Teams will play within each division. Minor A games are 5 innings, and there are limits on the runs per inning, except in the fifth inning, which has unlimited runs. Pitching limits must be adhered to for player protection. There are usually 13 players per team. All players are rotated through the infield and outfield positions and all players bat through the rotation.

The season begins in April and games are played at the Minor A diamond at Dunbar Memorial Park (33rd Avenue and Dunbar) in the early evening or on the weekend. There are usually 2 practices and 2 games per week. Team equipment, caps and socks are provided. The team jersey and a belt require a $100 refundable uniform deposit. Fitted grey baseball pants (with belt loops) are required and will be available for purchase on evaluation day. Players must have their own baseball glove and a protective cup is mandatory.  Their own batting helmet is highly encouraged.