Majors Division

This is the top competitive division of Little League Baseball and in Dunbar players aged 10-12 years may qualify for selection to a Majors Division team if they have commitment, skill set, and have played a minimum of one year at the Minor A Division level. Mandatory parent participation through rotational scorekeeping and concession duty is essential for Majors.

Players are selected through a draft system and only a limited number of positions are available. Not every player trying out will be drafted. No out of boundary players are eligible to be drafted, unless they are grand-fathered as per the official rosters sent to Little League Canada. Once drafted to a team, the player remains on that same team while age eligible for Dunbar Little League. Games are played at the Majors diamond at Dunbar Memorial Park (33rd Avenue and Highbury). There are usually 2 practices and 2-3 games per week. It is intensive and attendance is expected.

Players who have not previously played on a Majors team and wish to be considered for the Majors draft pool are required to attend  the Majors player evaluation session in February.