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2015 League Divisions


Little League has updated its “baseball age” criteria from the existing April 30th to Dec 31st for children born after January 1,2006.  Effective immediately, all players born on or after January 1, 2006 (who turn 9 years old and younger during the 2015 calendar year) will use the new age determination date (Dec 31st) for the remainder of their Little League career at DLL.  All remaining players will continue to use the April 30th rule (old rule).

BirthYearAGEBlastballT-ball 5T-ball 6Minor B7Minor B8Minor AMinor AMajors
Jan – Dec 2011
Jan – Dec 201055
Jan – Dec 200966
Jan – Dec 200877
Jan – Dec 200788
Jan – Dec 2006
May – Dec 2005
Jan – Apr 2005
May – Dec 2004
1010 some (a)1010
Jan – Apr 2004
May – Dec 2003
Jan – Apr 2003
May – Dec 2002
1212 (b)12

a 10 year olds as of April 2014 must play in minor A Sr.
12 year olds are first encouraged to try out for the appropriate division. There is a significant commit to the Majors division in terms of parent and player obligations.
Please contact the registrar if there are any questions. A 10 year old new to Minor A will most likely be placed in Minor A Jr.

Special note on Majors Math.

We handle several questions a year on this issue. Here is a brief description of our experience over the years in this competitive division. There are 12 players per team. The games are 6 innings long. If a team plays their 6 top players for 6 innings in the field then there are 3 defensive positions times 6 innings of play remaining to be distributed among the remaining 6 players. This amounts to three defensive innings each and this is a common occurrence in games. Little League International mandates that a minimum of only two defensive innings (6 defensive outs) at this level. Dunbar local rules are to play a minimum of 3 defensive innings. There is a range of strategies used by coaches in our league. If your player is making it into Majors for the first time as a 12 year old then more than likely they would fall into this latter group. Practice and skill development would even this out

Majors Safety 

Because of the size range of the players and the speed of the play (pitchers can pitch in excess of 60 miles per hour and balls are hit faster than that) safety in this division is a serious concern for all. If your child is drafted to Majors and your teams coaching staff are uncomfortable with them playing in the infield with hard balls are travelling at high speeds then it is likely most of your child’s play will be more in the outfield until they are very comfortable with this situation through practice and skill development. The application safety concern is at the discretion of the coaching staff.


DataBlastballT-BallMinor BMinor AMajors
Dec 1 to Jan 31st$70$110$125$160$160
Feb 1st onward$90$160$175$210$210

Dunbar Little League would like to ensure that little league baseball is available to every child regardless of financial limitations.  If you need financial assistance with the fees, please contact the registrar.

Regular Registration: December 1, 2014 to Jan 31, 2015
Late Registration: Feb 1, 2015 until FULL
Last Day to Register for Majors, Minor A Sr./Jr.: Feb 14, 2015

Division Status Table

MajorsMajors TryoutMinor A Sr.Minor A Jr.Minor B8Minor B7TBALL6TBALL5BLASTBALL

 Wait List Required Information

When a division is full, register in its appropriate division waitlist. You will be contacted if a spot becomes available.

To Register for Dunbar Little League:

1) Check the Registration Update (above) to see if there are openings in the division for your child.

2) Check that your address is in boundary (please see Map etc). If you are out of boundary, restrictions apply ( please see OOB policy here ). Out of boundary applicants are contacted by the Registrar ONLY if there is a position available.

3) Read the Player and Family Commitment Statement here and ensure that you are willing to fulfill these obligations.

4)Everyone must register with the online registration. It is the same as last year. If you registered last year use this link.


Refund Policy

Before Sunday, March 1, 2015:
1) Medical note provided (broken arm, etc.)–full refund with no administration fee
2) Any other reason, administration fee of $25

After Sunday, March 1, 2015:

1) Medical note provided–full refund with no administration fee up to Friday, April 24, 2015
2) no other refunds provided

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