Registration for the 2022 Season is now open for all divisions

Please contact if you have any questions

Please contact the registrar ( if you have any questions about the registration process or what division to register your player in.

Registration Status of Divisions

Status of each division is Open, Full, or Closed

T-Ball JR

T-Ball sr

minor b jr

minor b sr

minor a jr

minor a sr

majors tryouts

returning majors









What if the division is full?
If a division is full, please contact the DLL registrar ( You will be placed on the wait list and contacted if a spot becomes available.

If a division is CLOSED, DLL can not add any more players to the wait list for that division.

What Division should I register in?


baseball age

t-ball jr

t-ball sr

minor b jr

minor b sr

minor a jr

minor a sr

majors tryouts

returning majors

Sept. 1/2016 - April 30/2018

4 & 5

Sept. 1/2015 - Aug. 31/2016


Sept. 1/2014 - Aug. 31/2015


Sept. 1/2013 - Aug. 31/2014


Sept. 1/2012 - Aug. 31/2013


Sept. 1/2011 - Aug. 31/2012


Sept. 1/2010 - Aug. 31/2011


Sept. 1/2009 - Aug. 31/2010


If you believe your child is skilled enough to play in a higher division, please mark that option in the registration form. The player will be required to attend assessments. The decision to move up a player will be based on the assessment results and space availability.


12 year olds who are new to the game may choose to register in the Minor A Sr. division as there is a significant commitment to the Majors division in terms of parent and player obligations.

Player Assessments

Mandatory assessments for ALL players registering in Minor B Sr, Minor A Jr, Minor A Sr and Majors Tryouts.
Returning Majors do NOT have to attend assessments.



Date: TBD
Location: UBC Baseball Indoor Training Facility, 3085 Wesbrook Mall



More details will be coming shortly

Players who do not attend assessments will not be eligible for post-season Tournament or All-Star teams




minor b

minor a


Oct. 1, 2021 - Feb. 28, 2022





March 1, 2022 onward





Regular Registration: October 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022
Late Registration: March 1, 2022 until FULL
Last Day to register for Majors and Minor A (Sr & Jr): February 28, 2022


Dunbar Little League would like to ensure that Little League baseball is available to every child regardless of financial limitations.


If you need financial assistance with the fees, you may submit an application to KidSport for assistance. KidSport is a community based amateur sports funding program established by Sport BC which provides grants for children to participate in a sports season of their choice.

Refund Policy

Before March 1, 2022:
1) Medical note provided (broken arm, etc.) – Full refund with no administration fee

2) Non-medical reasons – Full refund minus $25 administration fee



After March 1, 2022:

1) Medical note provided –  Full refund with no administration fee up to Friday, April 15, 2022

2) There are NO REFUNDS for any reason once teams are formed.


COVID Policy:

If the entire baseball season is cancelled due to Provincial orders stemming from the ongoing COVID pandemic, all registrants will be refunded the entire registration fee.

If the upcoming season proceeds in a substantially reduced capacity, we will be offering sensibly pro-rated refunds and/or credits to our members that will reflect the circumstances of a reduced season

Dunbar Little League Boundaries

A player is considered within the Dunbar Little League boundaries if they live or go to school within the boundaries.

Use the Little League Address checker to determine if your home or school is within the DLL boundaries.

Players that are out of boundaries can still register for Dunbar Little League but will not be able to play on any All-Star teams unless they had already played one season in Dunbar Little League before moving out of boundaries.