Majors Tryout Warmup Session

Hi All and welcome to 2011 baseball season.

Dunbar Little League will be holding a warm-up session for those players who have signed up for Majors Tryout.

This is for the registration categories Majors tryout(12) and Majors Tryout (10-11). It is strongly recommended that you attend this session.

When-   February 5th Saturday 6:15 to 8:15

Be there at 6:00

Where- UBC Student Recreation Centre 6000 Student Union Blvd.

What- We will cover basic baseball skills, get the gloves and arms warmed up, and go through stations and drills similar to the tryouts later in the month.

We will have a fun game at the end.

What to ware? Gym shoes, athletic apparel and a protective cup.