Dunbar 11’s Tournament Team

For the first time, Dunbar LL has put together a formal 11 year old team to play several invitational tournaments over a span of a month, between closing day and mid July. In the past, the 11 year old team was strictly built for the Drew Henderson tournament at Whalley LL in Mid July so this current team is a major expansion of that concept. Our first tournament was this past long weekend at the Highlands/Forest Hills select 11 tournament (5 games), and our next will be the Sea to Sky in Whistler, with culmination being the Drew Henderson in Mid July. The team comprises predominantly baseball 11 year olds from Minor A senior and Majors. Including exhibition games, we anticipate playing about 15 to 16 games. In keeping with an inclusive approach, we have a rotating roster, with players fitting in tournaments and games as they are reasonably available. The focus is on competitive participation, development of players for future tournament teams and to provide the opportunity for players to wear “Dunbar colors” as an official tournament team who might not otherwise get the chance. Hopefully this¬†concept will continue in future years to provide Dunbar Players this wonderful opportunity.