UPDATE Minor A Evaluations: Sunday February 26th

The Minor A evaluations (Jr. and Sr.) will be held on Sunday February 26th.

In order to have things run smoothly and quickly we will break the session into two Groups.

THE 6:00 to 7:30 group will be 9 year ols kids as of April 30 this year.

The 7:30 to 9:00 group will be 10 year olds and above as of April 30 this year.

You will be spending less time at the evaluation this way.

Yes…If you can absolutely not make one time but can make the other, please switch and sign in at the alternate session.


The location will be in the UBC REC Gyms 1-3. MAP

The start and sign-in is at 6:00 PM. Please be there promptly.

Bring your player with baseball kit but make sure you have gym shoes and NOT cleats.