Majors Victory: Another Classic at a hot Currie Field

vs LM 3 (136 of 142)Fans were treated to another Dunbar-LMB classic at Currie Field that ended with the Dunbar offence pulling steadily away to a 9 to 4 victory in the winner take all final. The championship game was set up the day before against LMB where the Dunbar Boys needed a win to remove the “IF GAME” from the equation. They defeated LMB 12 to 5. Dunbar, apparently, was not taking the last game of the round robin lightly and seemed focused for 6 innings.

The championship game started out with a bang. The visiting LMB’s first two batters both hit their Quads for a really nice display of power. It was hot and the air seemed to offer little resistance to nicely struck balls.  Despite the brave start the damage was limited to the 2 runs. The bottom of the first was really the story of the game. No bend-no break today. Dunbar bats were either going to tie or win every inning. LMB’s ace, though pitching nicely, could not hold back free swinging White and Green with the only reprieve coming in a scoreless second.

As the innings progressed and the score became seemingly more comfortable, from an offence that included two Dunbar ding-dongs, one would think the tension would ease. NOT. It is Little League and another in a long line of Majors Finals between two great leagues. Dunbar finally racked their bats in the bottom of the 6th when LMB could not close the 5 run gap.

Dunbar goes on to the Provincials in Kerrisdale at Elm Park. At least we know where the nearest Sushi is located!