Coaches Tournament and Family Fun Event on Saturday May 30

Come One!!! Come All!! Don’t miss the family fun event of the baseball season!!
Majors Diamond 3 PM to 7 PM

First Up – Fun for the littlest of little leaguers. Prior to the coaches tournament, Blastball, TBall and Minor B7 players are invited to come in uniform, hit from a tee at home plate and run the bases to the roar of the crowd!
Next Up – the coaches tournament, the premier event that is sure to be a thrill as those who teach prove if they can or can’t! Thankfully we will have plenty of ice, lots of bandages and ibuprofen on hand.COACHES TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Four teams, randomly selected, will play two back-to-back four inning (1 hour) games. The winner of each game will play for the championship and the pride of hoisting the Coaches Cup, sponsored by Cool Air!
Come out for the best family party in Dunbar and show your community spirit.