The Best Community League

DLL-DUBARTHEATER-FINAL-01Saturday morning. The spring air is beckoning. Time to get up, have breakfast and say “bye mom, I’m going to the park.” No TV or video games today, too much to do. It’s outdoor time with friends, hanging outside at the park.

Sound like your youth? This magic event happens every Spring weekend for hundreds of kids playing baseball in our community.

Dunbar Little League is home to over 500 boys and girls who come out for fun, community and sport.

Kids aged 4 to 12 in kindergarten to grade 6 are eligible to play little league baseball. Unlike other team sports, in baseball everyone gets a turn!

And let’s be honest, when you choose a sport, it isn’t always just about the kids. Lots of sports afford the opportunity to drop and go, or watch and go. But baseball is different. The games all happen at the same park, where crowds of kids, and parents, stick around to enjoy a Spring day or night in the park. To make this fun, Dunbar baseball provides the central location, a safe place to play and the burgers, candy and popcorn of the concession, which is open during any evening or day game.

And baseball is not just for boys. The sport continues to enjoy a surge in participation from girls at all levels.

Dunbar enjoys the tremendous support of our parents. Whether it’s being a coach, prepping the field, scoring the game, or flipping burgers in concession, you’re never alone. We all “do it for our kids” but the fun is there at every game whether on duty or having a picnic in the park while you watch a game or two.

Family events include opening day in April, the coaches game, tournaments and the fun of the closing day parade down Dunbar street. After the season ends in June, volunteers come together to celebrate. This last year over 100 parents enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner at a super long table outside at the Lawn Bowling Club.

Baseball brings everyone together in one place. It’s what makes Dunbar special. It’s what makes Dunbar Baseball the best community league in Canada.