Huge Thanks to All Work Day Volunteers!

Thanks to each and every one of you who came out and helped with Work Day yesterday! We had an amazing dedicated group of parents who committed the better part of their morning and afternoon to getting our field and facilities ready for our players. Our community of volunteers is so amazing that we actually had to turn folks away as all the signup spots were taken.


So many people really went above and beyond yesterday, from the parent who was up until 3 am with a child in the hospital (for a non-threatening issue) but who still came and contributed 2 hours of work to the single mom who found child care just to come and shovel dirt on the field to the dad who showed up later in the day but still came anyways despite a family issue and was willing to help with any jobs that may be left over.  The excitement was palatable and infectious! Thank you.


We were especially impressed by the number of new T-ball parents who participated. We are grateful for your contributions and are really looking forward to being able to welcome you to our league! 


Many thanks as well to Chris Randazzo, our volunteer board member who is responsible for the maintenance of our fields and facilities. Chris has put in countless hours of work over the past many months and coordinated yesterday’s efforts. Thank you, Chris!


Thanks also to Stephanie Yorath, our volunteer board member who is responsible for both DLL’s sponsors and uniforms (among many other things). Stephanie spends pretty much all of her free time starting in January (despite having 3 very active boys and teaching full time) working with our sponsors, suppliers and then team managers to ensure our players are the best dressed on the westside of Vancouver! 


We’ll be posting some photos and video shortly so we can all see the results of our combined community efforts.