Dunbar is a vibrant family community within the city of Vancouver. Dunbar Little League, started in 1958, is one of the first Little Leagues in Canada. Each year, from 450 to 600 girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 12 participate in the league.


Our league is known and respected throughout Canada for its spirit of fair play and offering girls and boys, regardless of their skill level, the opportunity to play baseball, have fun, and learn to love the game.


Most of the league’s games are played at Memorial Park located at Dunbar and West 33rd Ave. However, Minor B games are played at Balaclava park located at Balaclava and 31st Ave.


Between April and June, Memorial Park transforms into a center of activity within the Dunbar community. Many families enjoy the warm spring evenings and hot weekend days down at the park. Some bring picnics and portable BBQ’s while many enjoy the renowned burgers and hot dogs cooked up at our famous concession stand.


Whether you’re new to the Dunbar area or have been a resident for a number of years, Dunbar Little League baseball is a great way for your daughter or son to have lots of fun, meet new friends, and learn new life skills.

Little League Canada

Dunbar Little League is sanctioned by Little League Canada and Little League BC is a part of the BC – District 1 when it comes to Provincial and National Championships.


Each year, DLL 9/10 & 11/12 All-Star teams compete against the other teams in District 1 to take part in the Little League Provincial Championships.


The winner of the 11/12 Provincials take part in the Little League National Championships for a chance to represent Canada in the Little League World Series.