Dunbar Little League 1958 - let us know if you know anyone in this photo!
DLL 1992 Provincial Champions - Photo courtesy of Robert McInnis

The Little League program was founded by Carl Stotz in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the late 1930’s and came to Canada at Little Mountain in 1951. Arbutus Ridge was the second league in District 1, followed by Dunbar in 1958.


A group of community minded men including Joff Joyce, Ralph White, George Fisher, Con Conlin, Ralph Stong and Dan Poitevin organized and chartered Dunbar Little League.


Records from the earliest days have disappeared, but by 1960 there were five teams, Dunbar Lumber, Nevilles, Town & Country, Fisher’s Drugs and Stongs, who have remained a loyal sponsor since the beginning. Teams did not play many games in the early days. A 1960 schedule shows alternating weeks when the team played one game then two games – with no weekend games.


The field was quite different in appearance in the early days because there was no grass, just a few weeds in the dirt in the far right field corner. Infielders certainly learned how to handle grounders, and successful bunts were rare. Of course there was no fence, no batting cage, no scorekeeper’s booth, and no concession stand. There was one long set of stands along first base which could have held 500-600 people.


To host a district tournament was a major undertaking (it was done only once) because it took weeks of work sifting dirt to eliminate rocks and then spreading the dirt and rolling the field.


As early as 1960 there was a minor league, called the “Farm League”. Over the years divisions for younger and younger players have been added and proper diamonds and backstops have been provided for them.


Over the years the Majors field (Currie Field) has seen many improvements – grass on the field, the outfield fence, a batting cage (replaced by the one we have now), a scorekeepers booth, new stands, the concession stand and proper infield dirt. Many of these improvements were brought about when Dunbar hosted the B.C. Little League Provincial Championships in 1998.


Dunbar Little League has been very successful if judged by the calibre of baseball being taught and played. Dunbar has participated in 49 district tournaments, and has won 30 of them. Dunbar has been a Provincial finalist in at least three Majors Provincials and has won twice, in 1975 and in 1992. Dunbar has also won one 9-10 Provincial tournament.


While Dunbar has never made it to the World Series at Williamsport, one of our umpires, Len Brown, has.


Throughout Dunbar’s history its source of strength has been the enthusiasm of the players, the support of our parents and the dedication of executives, coaches and umpires.



1958 - 1960

Joff J. Joyce

1961 - 1962

Dr. Arnold Jamison

1963 - 1964

George Roper


Jack Harrop


Hank Andrews


Dennis Mitchell

1968 - 1970

Bob Emmott

1971 - 1972

Bill Birdsall

1973 - 1975

Bert Eamer

1976 - 1977

Ian Heslop

1978 - 1979

Frank White

1980 - 1981

Mary Randall


Roberta Brechin


Bill Randall


Jean Hopps

1985 - 1986

Sid Katz

1987 - 1988

Terry Lopston

1988 - 1989

Ron Roberts

1989 - 1991

Bob Field

1992 - 1994

Keith Murray


Malcolm Smith

1996 - 1998

Gord Weatherill

1999 - 2001

Jamie Lyman

2002 - 2005

Ian Robertson

2006 - 2008

Michelle Lim


DLL Board

2010 - 2012

Joe McDermott

2013 - 2017

David Berrington

2018- 2019

Hareesh Sara

2019 - 2022

Joyce Gillespie

2022 - Present

Stephanie Yorath