Majors B Division

What is the Majors B Division?

Majors B is the second highest level of play in Little League baseball for players ages 10, 11, and 12, plus some highly skilled 9 year olds. Players are drafted based on their skill level, motivation, and commitment to play baseball. There are no friend requests in either Majors division.

How much of a time commitment is required?

The season goes from mid-April to mid-June, with about 15 games per regular season. On average, teams play 2 times a week (one mid-week and one Saturday game) and practice at least once per week. Concession, scoring, field preparation and other duties are also mandatory for Majors’ parents on a rotational basis all season.

At what age can kids play in the Majors B?

Players aged 9-12 can play in Majors B (See Baseball age). Players not selected in the Majors A draft will immediately be placed in the Majors B draft.

How many players are there in Majors B?

The Majors B division will likely be limited to a maximum of 6 teams of 12 players each, so there are 72 players in Majors B. This depends on the number of players signed up each year.

How do players get selected for Majors B?

Players wishing to be considered for any Majors division MUST attend the player evaluation session, usually held in February at UBC (the date is posted on the registration page). This independent information is used by the coaches in drafting players to each Majors division. Players NOT drafted for a Majors A team will immediately be placed in the Majors B draft. The draft will be done by the head coaches for each team in the spring. In Majors B, players will play on their drafted team for that one year only

How can players prepare for assessments?

We recommend that players invest the time and energy to participate in offseason training. There are several training programs available for all ages, including UBC Baseball, 5tool, Travail, and North Arm, who offer training during the Fall and Winter. You can also start warming up and throwing the ball with your friends or parents a few weeks before the Player Evaluation. At the Player Evaluation, make sure that you arrive early so that you have a chance to warm up properly.

My child did not perform his/her best at the player assessments. Does that mean that he/she won't be selected in the draft?

Not necessarily. The independent player evaluation is the primary but not the only factor used in the draft. The coaches also have the ratings and narrative comments about the players from their previous year’s coaches, and they may have seen the players in previous years.

My child is 12 this year. Does he/she have the same chance of being drafted as a 10-year old?

All players should attend assessments at UBC and players aged 11-12 should try out for Majors A. If your child is new to baseball and a baseball 12 years old, they may not be drafted to a Majors A team and will be placed in the Majors B draft. This is to allow them to have the most fun and play with other players of similar skill level.

My child is 9 this year but would like to play in Majors A?

It should be noted that each of the Majors B teams may only draft 9-year olds who have been assessed in the top 25% of all Majors B tryout players (not just top 25% of 9-year olds). Because of the size range of the players and the speed of play, safety in this division is a serious concern. We also feel it is not in the best interest of our players to play up a level if they are not in the top tier of that division. Please contact the registrar to request your 9 year old be considered for the Majors B draft. Please contact the registrar to request your 10 year old be considered for the Majors A draft.

When will we find out if my child was drafted to a Majors B team?

The Majors B draft usually occurs in early March. Once the draft is completed, the drafted players will be posted on the website and the player will be contacted by the Head Coach.

What happens if my child is not selected for the Majors B?

Kids can have a rewarding experience, competitive play, and just plain fun in either the Majors B or Minors divisions. Players who are not selected for the Majors B division are placed in the Minors division and assigned a team.

How do I become a coach in the Majors B?

Coaching in the Majors division requires a significant time and skill commitment. In general, Majors B division coaches have previous baseball coaching experience. The Board of Dunbar Little League appoints coaches based on interest, background, experience, and needs of the League. If you are interested in coaching, ensure to indicate your interest during registration, and you may also contact the Majors Coordinator and/or the President.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

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