Mini-Minors Division

Who plays in Mini-Minors?

Players graduate to Mini - Minors from T-Ball Sr. but players new to baseball are also welcome. Mini - Minors consists of two age groups who play separately: 1) Mini - Minors B for players who are baseball age 6 and 7 and 2) Mini - Minors A for players baseball age 8.

What is special about Mini-Minors Baseball?

The Mini - Minors division is an instructional division with the emphasis on having fun while learning baseball skills. Slightly softer baseballs and a special pitching machine are used. This is the first baseball division where scores are recorded and playoffs occur. The emphasis is on development of baseball skills and team play.

What is the time commitment in Minors?

The regular season begins in April and runs through to the end of May. Two weeks of playoffs follow until the end of the season in mid-June. Games are played on weekday evenings or on the weekend. There is usually 1 practice and 1 - 2 games per week. Game times include a half hour combined practice with the opposing team and up to 1.5 hours of gameplay. Plan for a 1.5 hour commitment for practices and 2 hours for games.

Why is there a combined team warm-up practice before games?

Several years ago, Mini - Minors initiated a combined team warm-up prior to the start of each game. This warm-up emphasizes skill development for all players. In baseball, it is quite possible for a player to go through an entire game without catching, throwing, or hitting a baseball. Through the use of the combined warm-up, all players have an opportunity to practice a variety of essential baseball skills each time they have a game. Additionally, by combining the warm-up with the other team, players have a chance to benefit from the expertise of a wider circle of coaches. These warm-up practices are considered an essential part of the Mini - Minors game time. Therefore, a team who does not have 8 players present at the start of this practice will be considered to have forfeited the game. Game times that are listed on the schedule represent the start of the combined warm-up.

Where are Mini-Minors games played?

Games are played at the Mini - Minors diamond at Balaclava Park (Balaclava and 31st Avenue).

How are players assigned to teams?

Several factors are considered in team formation for Mini - Minors including coaching, skills balancing, and friend requests. Team formation is a time consuming and complex task for our volunteers. In Mini - Minors, we try very hard to place all players with at least one friend from their friend request list or with someone going to the same school. However, we can't guarantee that this will be possible or that a requested cohort of players can play on the same team. If you need to let us know any important information or schedule conflicts prior to team formation, please contact the Registrar, Cory Wright (

What baseball gear is needed?

Players are required to have their own baseball glove, batting helmet, and mandatory protective cup. Grey baseball pants are encouraged but not mandatory in Mini-minors. Teams will also supply shirts, bats, catcher's gear, and caps.

How can I be a Mini-Minor coach?

At the time you register your player in Mini-Minors, you will be asked to volunteer in some capacity with the League. Coach or Assistant Coach are volunteer options. All DLL coaches must complete a Criminal Record Check and will also be required to attend a series of coaching clinics. The DLL Coaching Committee will approve all coach selections.

What is expected of Parents in Mini-Minors

All parents are expected to take on a volunteer role in the league. If you are not coaching, team managing, or involved in league administration, there are many other important ways for you to contribute. All parents take turns as scorekeeper and doing field prep prior to each game. Many parents also choose to help out at Work Day where we prepare all the fields to be ready for play for the season.