What is T-Ball?

T-Ball is the first introduction for children to learn to play baseball. T-Ball offers players the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice the fundamental baseball skills of hitting, throwing, fielding, and running while playing on a team. A special "soft" baseball is used.

Who plays in T-Ball

T-Ball is designed for 4 - 6 year olds and consists of two age groups who play separately: 1) T-Ball Jr for players who are baseball age 4 - 5. 2) T-Ball Sr for players who are baseball age 6.

What is the time commitment in T-Ball?

There are 2 sessions per week consisting of a week day development session and a game on Saturday (T-ball Junior) or Sunday (T-ball Senior).

Where are T-Ball games played?

Games and practices are played on the T-Ball diamond at Memorial Park West (33rd Avenue and Wallace).

What is the structure of games?

In T-Ball Jr., the ball is hit from a stationary tee. In T-Ball Sr., the ball may be soft-tossed under-handed by coaches. Coaches and designated parent volunteers only are allowed on the field. All players are on the field and rotate positions. Everyone bats every inning. No score or standings are kept.

What baseball gear is needed?

Players are required to have their own baseball glove and batting helmet. Teams will also supply shirts, bats, and caps. Please refer to the Gear & Attire page for more details.

How can I be a T-Ball coach?

At the time you register your player in T-Ball, you will be asked to volunteer in some capacity with the League. Coach or Assistant Coach are volunteer options. No prior baseball experience is necessary to coach at the T-Ball level. All DLL coaches must complete a Criminal Record Check and will be required to attend a series of coaching clinics. The DLL Coaching Committee will approve all coach selections.

What is expected of Parents in T-Ball?

T-Ball is NOT a drop-off activity. A parent must stay at the park for the duration of each session. Parents that are not designated coaches are not allowed on the field during games or practices. Parents will be placed on a rotational schedule to help with bench and snack duties. Duties will be assigned by the team manager at the beginning of the season.