Parent Volunteers

Dunbar Little League is a parent-run organization and requires all parents to volunteer so that our kids can have the best baseball experience possible.

In addition to coaches, assistant coaches and team managers who handle every practice and game, parents  will be asked to sign up for the following jobs during the season:

  • Field Preparation (before and after games)
  • Scorekeeping (Except T-ball)
  • Snack duties (T-Ball and Mini Minors)

More information for how to perform the duties are listed below.


Scoring baseball games is an important task as it allows officials to “play back” any game events to ensure accurate scores, batting orders, pitch counts, etc. 

Scorekeeping starts in Mini Minors and although scorekeepers are not expected to include as much detail as in Minors or Majors, it’s a good time for parents to learn how to scorekeep correctly where accuracy is vital.


Please review the Scorekeeping 101 document and view this two part video (25 minutes total) that provides all the details on how to scorekeep properly. After two or three games, we guarantee that it will start to become second nature to you.


Baseball Scorekeeping 101

Scorekeeping Video Part 1

Scorekeeping Video Part 2

Field Preparation

How to Prepare the Baseball Diamond

View the videos and photos in this album for instructions on preparing and lining the Minors Diamond.