Mandatory Player Assessments

This year’s mandatory player assessments will take place indoors at the UBC Baseball Rose Indoor Facility.

Signup for an assessment time

Link to signup form will be here shortly.

  • There are 12 spots available for each assessment time.
  • Assessments are 30 minutes in length.

If you need to cancel or change your player’s spot, please do not contact the registrar, but go back to the link provided and change your player’s date or time through “Signup”.

Which divisions need to attend?

  • Any Minor B SR player (age 8) who would like to considered to play up in the Minor A JR division
  • All Minor A JR players (age 9)
  • All Minor A SR players (age 10)
  • All Majors players (age 11 & 12)
  • Any 10 yr old players who would like to be eligible for the Major’s draft

*NOTE* If you are a returning Major’s player, you do NOT have to attend assessments as you were already previously assessed and drafted.

If you are unsure of which division you registered your player in, please contact Lisa, our registrar at

Place and time of assessments

Assessments will take place in January and February prior to the season. Details will be provided to all players prior to the assessments.

All assessments will be done at the UBC Baseball Rose Indoor Facility

3085 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Why are assessments required?

We take tremendous pride in continuing the Dunbar Little League tradition of having balanced regular season teams where all teams play against other DLL teams during the regular season culminating in playoffs and eventual DLL division champions.

These assessments are not a competition!

Mandatory pre-season assessments are done so that we have the best chance at creating balanced teams for Minor B Sr to Minor A Sr divisions and also ensuring all Majors coaches have all the information they need to draft balanced teams.

We understand and recognize that the vast majority of players may not have touched a baseball since our assessments last year. Please inform your child that assessments are absolutely not competitive and that there should be no pressure or stress associated with them. Every single player will be placed on a balanced team with a supportive coach.

In addition to our regular season programming, we have an extensive and comprehensive player and coach development program being offered this year (at no extra cost) for those players who are interested in the opportunity to improve their baseball skills. We are very focused on providing programming this Spring that is focused on fun and teamplay for our players with a lot of opportunity to improve if desired.

Assessment process

  • All evaluations will be performed by the UBC coaching staff.
  • No parents, coaches or spectators will be allowed to enter the facility.
  • All players must sign up in advance.
  • Players must sign up in their designated division (for example: do not sign up your Major’s player in the 9/10s section).
  • If you have multiple children registered, we apologize but we cannot accommodate players at different levels to be assessed at the same time.

Players must wear the following:

  • Runners (NO cleats)
  • Baseball pants or athletic pants or shorts
  • Shirt they can hit and throw easily in
  • A face mask
  • Jackets must be left with the parents and not brought into the facility.

Players must BRING the following:

  • Personal batting helmet
  • Personal glove

***UBC will NOT be able to provide players with gloves or helmets. Sharing of personal equipment will NOT be allowed. Any player who does not bring their own glove and batting helment will have to sign up for a time when they can bring their own equipment.


Arrive 10 minutes prior to your assessement time and sign in with the UBC staff member outside the facility at the North entrance to the UBC Baseball Rose Indoor Facility. 3085 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

  • Players will have to answer a COVID19 questionnaire at check in.
  • Players MUST wear a face mask.
  • Hands will be sanitized upon entering the facility.
  • Please maintain a 2 metre distance between players while checking in. Social distancing protocols will be in effect inside the facility as well.
  • Assessments are 30 minutes in length.
  • Please pick up your player at the West entrance sliding doors.

What if my player can't make it to an assessment?

While we strive to provide a variety of dates and times to accommodate family schedules, we realize that you still may not be able to attend an assessment time. 


If you can’t attend the pre-season assessment, your player will:

  • Not be eligible for the Major’s draft
  • Not be able to play up a division (if you had indicated this during registration)
  • Not be eligible for post-season Tournament teams