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This page contains all the Dunbar Little League safety information and links.

How Do We Keep Our Kids from Getting Hit By a Bat? …don’t ask Ryan Braun of the Brewers

As a parent, what is your greatest fear for your child when they are playing baseball or softball?  Getting hit by a thrown ball?  A line drive hitting them while pitching?  Taking a ball in the teeth from a bad hop?

Each of these scenarios can potentially result in a serious injury, but are considered to be ‘part of the game’ and are not entirely avoidable.  There is another situation that can also result in serious injury that is entirely preventable: getting hit by a bat swung by another player.

RULE: All players are required to hold the bat by the barrel when moving from place to place.  The only time a player is allowed to hold a bat by the handle is when they are preparing to swing^ at a ball.  

There are only two instances players are allowed to swing a bat during a league sponsored activity:

1. When standing at a spot that is designated by a coach/adult for working on the swing i.e. whiffle ball batting, batting tee, soft toss, etc.

2. When standing at home plate during batting practice, a scrimmage or a game


3. When multiple batters are swinging a bat (whiffle ball batting, tee work, etc.), no batter is allowed to move from their designated swinging spot until all participants have set their bats down.

4. No player is allowed to toss a ball up in order to swing at it i.e., ‘pitch to themselves’, play ‘golf’ with a bat and a ball that is on the ground or any other such bat swinging activity not clearly defined by a coach/adult.


Please down load and read the

DLL Risk Form

    Please down load and read the

Dunbar LL Emergency Action Plan

    Please download and read the

Injury Report Form.

    Use this form for your teams players. Keep it with the team.

Player Emergency Information

    Concerned about a possible concussion?

CDC concussion information

Scat happens

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT 1)

A simplified tool for coaches and parents.

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT-2)

SCAT 2 which would be delivered by trained first responders.

Concussion ends Kristina Groves’s skating season