Volunteer at DLL

All families are required to volunteer with the league. Sign-up for volunteer duties is done through registration.

In addition to team-based roles such as coach or manager, we are always looking for people to help us keep Dunbar Baseball the best community league in Canada.

Roles that we are seeking for 2020 season include:

  1. Safety Coordinator: This individual is responsible for the stocking and maintenance of all the League’s first aid kits as well as working with the registrar to ensure all coaches and managers have their criminal record checks completed or up to date.
  2. Social Coordinator: One fun loving, outgoing, organized individual to help plan our league wide social events throughout the season, such as the pancake breakfast, the year end volunteer appreciation dinner, etc.
  3. Concession Manager: After 5 glorious years, our concession manager Heidi Maclean has moved on as her kids have aged out of Dunbar Little League. We will forever be grateful for all the time, energy and devotion Heidi put into making our little concession the best in Vancouver! Now that Heidi has moved on, Dunbar Little League needs a new concession manager for the 2020 season. Luckily, Heidi will still be available to help this new volunteer with any questions or concerns and has written an entire book detailing everything. The job responsibilities have been divided into two, because it will take two volunteers to replace Heidi. We are looking for one volunteer who would be interested in the job description as outlined here.
  4. Groundskeeper for each diamond (Major’s, Minor A and Balaclava): This individual would work with and report into the Fields & Facilities Coordinator, Shane Bozzer. Teams would still be responsible to do game day prep.
  5. Lawn Cutting – one volunteer to cut the lawns during spring and summer for the Majors diamond…Bonus, you get to ride the mower, not push it!

Descriptions and details for all the volunteer roles can be found here.

If you can fill any of these positions and help our kids have a great 2020 season, please contact president@dunbarbaseball.ca